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5 Free Models
Supports all Model Formats
per year
Unlimited Uploads
Supports all Model Formats
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Yearly Billing, Save 20%
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Unlimited Uploads
Supports all Model Formats
Email Support
Monthly Billing

Bulk Upload Using MS Excel

Enter the Model details
and upload the excel file

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the model files

Categorize Models

Define the Model
Category as it suits you

All Model Formats

Supports all of the Formats
accepted by Sketchfab

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When can the upload fail?

The upload can fail when
(i) The Sketchfab server does not respond
(ii) The excel file uploaded is not in line with the instructed format
(iii) Poor/Weak Internet Signal

How secure is my API Token with Bulk Uploader?

Bulk Uploader stores your API Key in the encrypted format and is fully secured.

What are the supported Model formats?

All the formats listed by Sketchfab on their 3D File Format Page.

What is the maximum file size?

The File Size limit is as per Free, Pro, Premium and Business account limit of Sketchfab. Read more

Is Private Upload available?

Yes, the Private upload is available as instructed by Sketchfab for Free, Pro, Premium and Business accounts. Read more

Still have questions? Email us at support@bulkuploader.com